• Montreal

    • 10150 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

      10150 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

      Near the Henri-Bourassa metro station, once completed in January 2018, steps from Montreal's breathtaking Ahuntsic Park, this building is loaded with amenities.

    • 1460 Belanger

      1460 Belanger, Montreal, QC

      Just steps away from Fabre Metro station in hip Rosemont neighbourhood. Plaza Saint-Hubert and the Jean Talon Market are walking distance away.

    • 1595 Docteur Penfield

      1595 Docteur Penfield, Montreal, QC

      Short-term, luxury apartment rentals in a strategic downtown location. Renters can easily enjoy all that downtown Montreal has to offer.

    • 3405 Benny

      3405 Benny, Montreal, QC

      Heart-of-NDG location on 105 bus route, near supermarket, library and sports centre.

    • 3429 Drummond

      3429 Drummond, Montreal, QC

      Short-term rentals in fantastic downtown location, a short walk to everything one needs to enjoy a true Montreal experience.

    • 365 Ontario E

      365 Ontario E, Montreal, QC

      Beautiful suites in downtown location next to Montreal's always hopping Quartier des spectacles.

    • 5285-beaconsfield - Le Trente Six

      5285 Beaconsfield, Montreal, QC

      Perfect location on reliable bus route near Monkland Village and Cote Saint-Luc.

    • 6138 Cote Saint Luc

      6138 Cote Saint Luc, Montreal, QC

      Fabulous Cote Saint-Luc Rd. location next to well-established, always busy TCBY.

    • 6250 Lennox

      6250 Lennox, Montreal, QC

      This 74-unit building has everything an apartment renter could want and much, much more.

    • 6385 Sherbrooke

      6385 Sherbrooke, Montreal, QC

      Great Sherbrooke St. W. retail location in NDG with pedestrians and vehicle traffic zipping by all day long.

    • 6710 Cote Saint-Luc

      6710 Cote Saint Luc, Montreal, QC

      Rooftop terrace, fitness room and more all next to Cote Saint-Luc Shopping Centre.

    • 7070 Cote Saint Luc

      7070 Cote Saint Luc Rd, Montreal, QC

      Across the street from supermarket and shopping centre. Luxury living in NDG.

    • Atwater

      4014-4022 Ste Catherine, Montreal, QC

      Located a stone's throw from Atwater Ave., this building will be packed with features such as a beautiful rooftop pool and terrace.

    • Le Mir

      4485 St Dominique, Montreal, QC

      Steps away from the Mount Royal and the Plateau shopping district, these condos can't be beat.

    • ORO Luxury Residences

      1420 Sherbrooke West Street, Montreal, QC

      Beautiful downtown condos available for rent right in the middle of downtown Montreal.

    • Place de la Savane

      4988 Place de la Savane, Montreal, QC

  • Côte Saint Luc

    • 5638 Hudson Ave.

      5638 Hudson, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Superb five-bedroom home with an amazing master bedroom that includes a walk-through closet connecting to a lavish bathroom.

    • 5639 Wolseley Ave.

      5639 Wolseley Ave, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      With a game room, gym, four bedrooms and boudoir, this eye-catching cottage design stands out in one of Cote Saint-Luc's quietest neighbourhoods.

    • 5642 Hudson Ave.

      5642 Hudson Ave., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Five-bedroom home with extra-large, eat-in kitchen. This modern construction has a futuristic appearance, but a warm, family feel on the inside.

    • 5642 Wolseley Ave.

      5642 Wolseley Ave. , Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Magnificent home with 3.5 baths, two-car garage, an office, five bedrooms, eat-in kitchen and a beautiful walk-in closet off the master bedroom. 

    • 5716 Park Place - AQUALINA

      5716 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Stunning single-family home with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage.

    • 5724 Park Place

      5724 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Beautiful five-bedroom home in centre of Côte Saint-Luc, walking distance to all the city has to offer.

    • 5736 Park Place

      5736 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Splendid five-bedroom home centrally situated in Cote Saint-Luc. Elegant windows, magnificent masonry create luxury living at its finest.

    • 5740 Park Place

      5740 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Six-bedroom home with open concept on quiet cul-de-sac in Cote Saint-Luc.

    • 5750 Park Place

      5750 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Fully equipped, five-bedroom home in tranquil location on Cote Saint-Luc cul-de-sac.

    • 5754 Park Place

      5754 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Home with four bedrooms and open living area that is perfect for families

    • 5763 Jubilee Rd.

      5763 Jubilee Rd. , Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Fabulous home with four bedrooms, a basement guest suite, two-car garage, movie room, five bathrooms, balcony and eat-in kitchen. 

    • 5764 Jubilee Rd.

      5764 Jubilee Rd., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Modern home with a large rooftop terrace. The home's exterior is a mix of lime stone, clay brick and metal panels, creating a unique, eye-catching facade. 

    • 5770 Park Place

      5770 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Six-bedroom home incorporates new-age design with a familiar, traditional feel.

    • 5771 Jubilee Rd.

      5771 Jubilee Rd. , Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Five bedroom home with indoor whirlpool and sauna. This spectacular home on a quiet Cote Saint-Luc street has 3.5 baths, a large kitchen and a two-car garage.

    • 5775 Jubilee Rd.

      5775 Jubilee Rd., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Gorgeous Cote Saint-Luc home with a mix of charcoal metal siding, wood and brick, creating a superior modern look.

    • 5779 Jubilee Rd.

      5779 Jubilee Rd., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      This metal-sided, four-floored home takes modern architecture to a whole new level with its ornate finishing, spiral staircase, four-car garage and elevator.

    • 5782 Park Place

      5782 Park Place , Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Four-bedroom home with five walk-in closets, two in the master bedroom, this house is picture perfect and located next to plenty of Cote Saint-Luc amenities.

    • 5786 Park Place

      5786 Park Place, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Five-bedroom home with finished basement, eat-in kitchen, two-car garage and an open concept that stimulates family togetherness.

    • 5787 Jubilee Rd.

      5787 Jubilee Rd., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      This five bedroom home has 3.5 bathrooms, a beautiful stone exterior, two-car garage and plenty of space to host company and hang out with the family.

    • 5791 Jubilee Rd.

      5791 Jubilee Rd., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Located in a strategic location at the corner of The Avenue and Jubilee Rd., this home has larger-than-life open concept, four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a three-car garage and space for an office. 

    • 6098 David Lewis St.

      6098 David Lewis St., Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Futuristic feel in quiet Cote Saint-Luc neighbourhood near Decarie Square. This home has a rooftop terrace, mezzanine, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a two-car garage. 

    • 6700 The Avenue

      6700 The Avenue, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Majestic full-service building next door to Quartier Cavendish and Cote Saint-Luc library.

    • 6830 The Avenue

      6830 The Avenue, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      This beautiful five-bedroom home with walk-in closets, a walk-in closet and a covered patio is located right on a bike path in Cote Saint-Luc. 

    • Parkhaven Courtyard

      5790 Parkhaven, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      First-class townhouses in Cote Saint-Luc, near Trudeau Park and the Aquatic and Community Centre.

    • Parkhaven Tour

      5792 Parkhaven, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC

      Next door to the Aquatic Community Centre and steps away from Trudeau Park, this building is the definition of modern-day luxury living.

  • Hampstead

    • 5763 Cote Saint Luc

      5763 Cote Saint Luc, Hampstead, QC

      10 minute walk from Villa Maria Metro station and Monkland Village.

  • Brossard

    • Brossard Complex

      8115 Boul. St-Laurent, Brossard, QC

      Easy access to all that DIX30 has to offer with a quick commute to downtown Montreal.

  • St Lambert

    • 16 Waterman

      16 Waterman, St-Lambert, QC

      A wonderful place to live in of the south shore's classiest neighbourhoods.

  • Cowansville

    • 877 Promenade du Lac

      877 Promenade du Lac, Cowansville, QC

      Enjoy the Yamaska River and nearby nature centre in this single-family home.

    • 881 Promenade du Lac

      881 Promenade du Lac, Cowansville, QC

      Enjoy a country setting in this magnificent southeastern Quebec home.

  • Outremont

    • 7290 - 7300 Hutchison

      7290 - 7300 Hutchison, Outremont, QC

      Right on the border between Outremont and Mile End, residents are steps away from a metro station, grocery store and Jarry park.