It’s time to turn up the heat, but don’t worry: It’s on us!

Winter is coming and it is time to turn up the heat, but don't worry about the costs because the heat is on us.

In BSR Groupe's luxury, condo-style apartment buildings, heat is included in the rent along with hot water and air conditioning*. But that's not all: Each unit has individual temperature controls.

Often times, when heat is included in the rent, the building temperature is globally controlled by the landlord. In BSR Groupe's case, it's up to each individual tenant as to how warm or cool they would like to be.

"We want our tenants to be as comfortable as possible," says BSR Groupe's Ron Basal. "If they want to turn the heat all the way up, creating an apartment-sized Sahara desert, that's fine by me. We provide natural gas heat that can be controlled in each unit by the tenant."

Air conditioning units, like the hot water heaters, are also powered by natural gas, meaning tenants can keep their apartments cool all summer long. Both the heat and air conditioning come in through vents found throughout the apartments.

"It's actually one of the things that gets our tenants excited because, not only do they get to live in buildings loaded with amenities, they don't have to worry about coughing up extra dough every month to cover fluctuating electrical costs," says Basal. "Sure, they still have to cover electric, but it's nothing without the heat, hot water and air conditioning spiking the bill each month."

For a complete list of BSR Groupe's buildings, click this link.

*1460 rue Belanger does not include heat, hot water, air conditioning.